Statue: Peaceble Athena (Mattei) of The Louvre French Museum

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Αθηναίων (Athenaion: ) Ναός της Θεάς ΑΘΗΝΑ (temple of Goddess Athena)

☺ This is an ethereal temple to Goddess-Princess Athena (Her Royal Imperial Highness.) She is the goddess of wisdom/philosophy, science/mathematics. She can tell you a story and guide you.



Acropolis. Hill of Athens, with Athena's main temple.
Athena -- Goddess of Wisdom. An official WWW Athenaion.
Αθήνα ('Athens') Sacred city of Goddess Athena, named after her, with her house (The Parthenon) on The Acropolis.
Delphi. Town with temples of Athena and close divinities.
The Parthenon. Most famous Athenaion.
The Shrine of The Goddess Athena. A superb WWW temple to Goddess Athena.
Shrine to Athena Promachos & FOR ATHENA. One of the best scholarly Internet resources on Athena (articles at the end of the (e)book there.)
VRML Examples. has a Virtual Reality Markup Language model of The Parthenon.