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Apollonion. Mathematicon's WWW temple to HRH Apollo, god of reason/logic.
Illumination: the Secret Religion. 'AC', The original higher-level/esoteric Temple of Mathematics of the Neoplatonic enlightened ones, with the site named after a novel it was originally about. Also focuses on art/literature & social science, etc., but links to their 'God Series' ('GS') detailing philosophical/ontological mathematics.
Athena -- Goddess of Wisdom. WWW temple to the goddess of philosophy-science-maths.
Athenaion. Mathematicon's WWW temple to HRH Athena, goddess of philosophy-science-maths.
Athena Promachos & FOR ATHENA. WWW temples and research sites, on the goddess of philosophy-science-maths
Delphi. Physical site of temples of the gods of math & reason.
Hermaion. Mathematicon's WWW temple to HRH Hermes, god of philosophy, and--as Hermes-Thoth--of philosophy-science-maths.
Hyperianism - The Cult of Reason (illuminators.)
The Parthenon. Most famous temple of the goddess of philosophy-science-maths.
Hyperborean Meritocracy (PI) official Facebook page.
Shrine of Asmodeus. Mathematicon's WWW shrine to an aeon of mathes. The Shrine of The Goddess Athena. WWW temple, and research site, on the goddess of wisdom/philosophy, science/math.
Shrine of Buer. Mathematicon's WWW shrine to the aeon of reason/logic, and natural (and moral) philosophy, including applied maths.
. Mathematicon's WWW Shrine to an aeon of reason/logic & maths.
. Mathematicon's WWW Shrine to an aeon of maths.
Temple of Seshat. Mathematicon's WWW temple to Seshat, Egyptian goddess of philosophy/wisdom, science/mathematics. Temple of Thoth. Mathematicon's WWW temple to Thoth, Egyptian god of philosophy/wisdom, science/mathematics. VRML Examples. Has VRML of The Parthenon.

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